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Cruising Area

Although the plan for each excursion varies slightly depending on a range of variables, we always leave Seaforth Landing in Quivira Basin of Mission Bay.

*Image courtesy of US Geologic Survey

Most of our whale watching trips are around three hours in duration. In that time we can travel as far as 20 miles from home and back, but that wouldn’t leave much time for viewing wildlife. We are very lucky with the geological conditions surrounding Mission Bay. To the north, within a few miles we have La Jolla.

Our cruising area is about 300 square miles, but obviously we can’t cover all of that in a trip. We are in constant contact with other captains, associates and friends out on the water that are always on the lookout to relay us information on sightings and conditions. Our captains use years of experience and the most up to date technology in making their decisions on which direction to look for sea life.

We use ocean imaging technology through satellites to analyze chlorophyll levels, sea surface temperatures, currents and a whole host of other metrics to determine what will give our passengers the best chances of having the best experience.