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01.26.24 Whale Counts

We started out todays trip with a glimmer of hope. There had been a very special animal spotted to the north that was moving south the previous day. Upon leaving mission bay it seemed bleak, many of the other boats had been searching and searching with no luck. No animals had yet to be spotted, not even one dolphin. Until we made our way into an area and with some amazing eyes on board we were rewarded with the trip of a lifetime. We found the needle in the haystack, The pod of Eastern Tropical Pacific Killer Whales, or Orca. In total counted around 9 Orca in this pod, with two calves. They may had recently fed as they were in an extremely curious and playful mood, and they came right up to the boat to say hello, and swam right under us. We spent a lot of time with these Orca, and had looks that included spy hopping, tail slaps, and much more. could not have asked for a better day, as this trip was perfect. These animals may still be in the area for tomorrows trip so
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-Captain Quinn