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02.17.24 Whale Counts

Today was one of those amazing days that show just how unpredictable and beautiful the wildlife can be. every trip is different, unique in its own way. For our first trip we made it out and got to witness a giant pod of Rissos Dolphin, one of my absolute favorites. These large scar covered dolphin gave us a great show and were friendlier than normal as well, coming right up to the boat! Afterwards we made a run for it, and we rewarded with quite possibly the largest pod of Common Dolphin we have ever seen. This pod was spread out for miles and was over 1000 strong! they put on such a show, swimming with the boat and even got to see them snacking on some small bait fish.
For our second trip, we wanted to find some whales, so we made it out and got some glimpses of a rather shy southbound Gray whale, and a lot of boats came into the area. Not wanting to stress this animal out we peeled off and went North in search of more. Boy was this the right idea. We were blessed with the pretense of Three full grown adult Gray whales, and we got to see the most picturesque triple tail fluke. It was almost as if it was synchronized. What an amazing day!
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-Captain Quinn