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12.14.23 Whale Counts

What a Day! Could not have had better weather and ocean conditions and so much life!

We started the trip with a fantastic playful pod of short-beak Common dolphin, followed by two equally playful pods of long-beak common dolphin! all in all saw close to 1000 dolphin on todays trip!
as we were making our way back in we had a feeling that we needed to check along the coast for potential whales. Success! We were able to spot the first whale of the day seen in San Diego: a juvenile Gray whale. This curious whale came right up to the boat and we got some amazing looks.

weather is looking beautiful for the next week, and there is so much life to see!
As always, you can book your trip here on our website or by calling us at 619-309-1680. We hope to see you soon!

-Captain Quinn