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03.27.21 Weekly Wrap Up

Whale watching aboard the Legacy brought us Humpback Whales, Gray Whales, Common Dolphin, Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, and Bottlenose Dolphin. Lots of life this past week!

Humpback Whales have started showing up in the waters around San Diego! Though they are a little later than last year, they are showing up in number. We love to see these friendly, gentle giants. One Humpback, named Swiper, has been hanging out in the area for a while. This is the same individual we saw breach back in February and this past Friday we saw another breach. This time, right next to the boat! Hard to describe the experience.

Gray Whales are still being seen pretty consistently on whale watching trips. Most of these northbound migration groups are been seen further offshore. On a couple trips, these migrations groups have been playing around, rolling on top of one another, not yet set on rushing to the north. One trip this past Wednesday got to see 4 swimming hip to hip. So many spouts and flukes!

Common Dolphin are showing up in great number now that we are moving deeper into spring. A few trips this past week got to see thousands at once! We are seeing a ton of bait fish and active seabirds offshore, a great sign of the spring to come. All of this life suggests a mammal-heavy spring and we are super excited to see what each day will bring. Always love seeing our Common Dolphin, especially when they are hanging out and playing around with the whales out there.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin showed up again this last week! We suspected they might have moved on, after not seeing them for a week or more, but they made a reappearance. We were super excited to see these beautiful, seasonal Dolphin. We hope they stick around a little longer.

With all of the life we have seen offshore recently, we are dying to get back out there. Each trip brings the potential for something new and the signs are pointing to a busy ocean for the spring.

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We hope to see you soon!