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11.27.20 Weekly Wrap-Up

Whale watching on the Legacy was very exciting this past week, as we witnessed some rare and unique animals and events.

Sightings this week included Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Minke Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, and Common Dolphin.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphins have started showing up on our trips! During this time of year, they begin to move in closer to shore and on a couple trips we spotted them at the beginning of our trips. We love to see these beautiful marine mammals, as they signify a change in some of the wildlife we will see in the upcoming months.

Last Saturday, we witnessed an amazing event where two Fin Whales and a Humpback Whale were feeding on a large grouping of bait fish, alongside hundreds of Common Dolphin. The excitement onboard was very high, with three different whales surfacing all around the boat. With so much activity all around the boat, this was definitely a trip for the books.

The three Minke Whales seen this week were unusually friendly, with two of them actually swimming around and underneath our boat. For a relatively shy species, this was a rare treat. We even had one individual swim underneath our boat a couple times on its back, showing off its white underside. Incredible to see!

It was great to see some Common Dolphin this week, as they were missing from many trips the week before. We witnessed some very acrobatic pods and some high-speed hunting and feeding.

With such an amazing week behind us, we look forward to what the next week of whale watching will bring.

Happy Holidays from the Legacy Team!

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