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12.16.23 Whale Counts

The gorgeous winter days are continuing! Started off today with perfect calm conditions and sunny weather, and were able to relocate our Gray whale that has seemingly taken up residency just off La Jolla! -Got some great looks, with multiple surface intervals with this individual.
Then we made out way out into some deeper water up to the Northwest and were lucky enough to encounter a more rare species of dolphin, the Rissos dolphin! the really large unique looking squid hunters put on such a show for us, and is always great to see them the few times a year they are in the area.
On our way back we encountered about 4 common dolphin that wanted to come along and surf in the boats wake. all in all a fantastic trip full of life, and a great sign for the next few days.
As always, you can book your trip here on our website or by calling us at 619-309-1680. We hope to see you soon!

-Captain Quinn