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12.23.23 Whale Counts

What an epic day out on the water! We had amazing luck through both of of trips today, with Whales and Dolphins galore!

On our first trip, we went straight north, and started to see some promising signs of life, lots of bird and a few scattered pacific white sided dolphin. As we made our way north we were able to come into a massive spread out pod of common dolphin with a Humpback whale following! this was a gorgeous humpback with all white pectoral fins and it put on quite the show.

For our second trip, we decided north was the way to go, and were visited by a very curious juvenile gray whale that swam right up to and under the boat! this curious little whale was very interested in us, but we had our sights on finding that humpback whale again. so we made our way back to the north off La Jolla and success, we were able to locate this humpback whale. To top it off, the whale started to get a little acrobatic and threw its tail, and Breached for us. all in all a perfect trip. Its looking beautiful again for Sunday,
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-Captain Quinn