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02.14.21 Weekly Wrap Up

What a week to be on the ocean! We witnessed a super-pod of Common Dolphin, a breaching Humpback, and 5 Gray Whales. One of the best times of the year to go whale watching aboard the Legacy.

We are in the heart of Gray Whale season for Southern California, with every trip seeing at least one individual. This past week we got the chance to see 5 Grays on one trip. There were two groups, one of two and one of three, that were headed south just off the San Diego coastline. These Grays popped up later in a trip, making their appearance an excited surprise. It is quite the experience, seeing a spout rise suddenly from the surface of the ocean. In this instance, we saw 5!

Although we are seeing a lot of Gray Whales right now, there remains the possibility of seeing other whales this time of year. Last Saturday, we had an incredible trip observing a Humpback Whale that was hanging out with a super-pod of Common Dolphin. We had heard reports of a super-pod milling about offshore so we decided to head out west. Within minutes of our arrival, a Humpback Whale surfaced for a breath right next to the super-pod. It is quite common for marine mammals of different species to hang out with one another, as they are curious animals. The Humpback Whale was not headed in any particular direction and would periodically go on longer dives, spending around 10 minutes. On one of these longer dives, we witnessed something many of us here at Legacy Whale Watching have never seen. All of the sudden, this Humpback Whale decided to launch itself from the water, getting everything but the left side of its tail out of the water (Check out our instagram for the video). It was stunning to see such a large marine mammal fully visible above the ocean’s surface. Hard to describe the experience!

The Common Dolphin were milling about as well, socializing and leaping from the ocean. We had so many around the boat, you could look out the horizon and see Dolphin splashing and jumping all the way out.

Another week of whale watching approaches and we expect to see more of our Gray Whale friends as their annual migration continues. The possibilities are endless out on the ocean, so we are excited to see if any other marine mammals, like our breaching Humpback, make a guest appearance.

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We hope to see you soon!