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11.21.20 Weekly Wrap-Up

The past week of whale watching aboard the Legacy brought us some unusual sightings of Minke Whales, a Humpback Whale, and some Bottlenose Dolphin. Two of the three Minke Whales […]

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11.14.20 Weekly Wrap Up

The Legacy was recently dry docked for routine maintenance, so we did not go out on trips the week before last. Everything checked out and the Legacy was cleaned up, […]

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10.30.20 Weekly Wrap Up

Winter is rolling in and, with it, some great great whale watching weather. This past week we saw a few more Humpback Whales, a couple Minke Whales, hundreds of Common […]

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10.24.2020 Weekly Wrap-Up

What a week to be on the ocean!  The Sea state was great, with little, to no swell and calm winds. Great whale watching weather. This week brought us a […]

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